There is a right (well, left) way to sleep.

We all know back sleepers are more prone to snoring (and that back sleeping is more dangerous for people with sleep apnea and/or asthma). Side sleepers are more common, but did you know that you should be sleeping on your left side, not your right?


It eliminates toxins more efficiently.

The theory of benefiting from left-side sleeping stems from holistic — particularly Ayurvedic — medicine. The left side of the body is dominant in your lymphatic system — the stuff that filters toxins in lymph fluid via lymph nodes and thoracic ducts — and sleeping on this side is supposed to enable the process to be sped up, while sleeping on your right side tends to cause the lymphatic system to slow down.

So what? A slower lymphatic system means less filtering of toxins in the body, which leads to build-up of toxins, less immunity to diseases, et cetera. the lymph system has also been shown to remove brain waste while we sleep — in this particular study, rats’ glymphatic pathways (science speak for the lymph system in your brain) to prove that sleeping on the left truly is more efficient.

It improves digestion.

you may even notice your #2 bathroom visits becoming more regular if/when you sleep on your left side

The human body has the stomach placed on the left side of the body, so when you sleep on your left side, it allows the stomach and pancreas to hang naturally, which enables the body to digest most effectively.

While we’re on the topic, when sleeping on your side (whether left or right), always place a pillow between your thigh/knees that keeps your knees at hips-width distance apart: this ensures that your hips and spine stay in proper alignment — it may not hurt now, but it will years from now after continuous misalignment for at least 6 hours a night!

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